Sunday, 7 August 2011

The pond begins to bloom - May 2011

It's now the start of summer and flowers are showing in and out of the pond.  A perfect complement to the growing tadpoles and baby newts.

I introduced a new oxygenating plant in the spring and, amazingly, it has blossomed with beautiful single white flowers (shown in the first photo).  A lovely surprise!

I bought an iris in the spring of 2010 and, although it grew strongly that year, it didn't flower.  However, this year it has already produced a beautiful yellow flower (second photo) and a further bud as well (third photo).

The final photo shows the lovely overhanging plant that my son, Jamie (the pond's designer) recommended that I introduce.  It helps make the pond more natural, and I intend planting more next year.  The flowers are an extra bonus, adding more beauty!



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  1. two years later, need an update...

    curious to see how it's gone