Monday, 25 April 2011

Winter is over, Spring is here! - April 2011

First of all, I have no update for the winter of 2010!  I did get some photos of the pond with snow on and around it, but technical problems with the memory card in my camera means I lost them.  Well... better luck next winter!

It's now late Spring in 2011.  After a long, frozen spell (brrr!) the pond has come back to life and both plants and wildlife are catching up to where they should be.  Thankfully I removed the pump last year before the sub-zero temperatures started and having re-installed again a couple of weeks ago, the streams are running well.  A little tidying up around the borders has helped to make the area look respectable (although there's still some cutting back and weeding to be done!).

The frogs have been active and two clumps of frog-spawn have turned into tadpoles.  Not as many as last year, but still a good number for the size of the pond.  So far I've seen two full-size frogs and three newts in the pond amongst the tadpoles.  I managed to get some great photos of the frogs,

...  but the newts remain elusive (other than this blurred attempt!).  The newt is well beneath the surface and its tail is pointed down, hence the strange appearance.  The tadpole in the centre of the photo is right at the top of the pond, making it look out of proportion to the newt!

Further photos to come over the next weeks as the lilies re-establish themselves and I introduce new plants into the pond and round the borders, as well as extending the beach a the way along the back.  Watch this space!!